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Ronald McDonald House of the Tri-State:  The McMullens’ Story

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This piece is a guest testimonial from the McMullen Family. I interviewed Shannon McMullen about she and her son Jacob’s time and experiences at Ronald McDonald House of the Tri-State. This story was written from that interview.

Facts and Figures:

  • This story was written to be featured on Mchouse.org.

Ronald McDonald House of the Tri-State: Fore the House Golf Tournament Summary

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I wrote this short piece about Ronald McDonald House of the Tri-State’s annual golf tournament.

Facts and Figures: 

Public Relation Writing Class: Mock Campaign

The following pieces were written as part of my graduate level Public Relations Writing Class. We were assigned to work with a charity throughout the term to create a mock public relations campaign. I continued my work with Ronald McDonald House of the Tri-State to create a mock fundraising event.

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