DIY: Mouse Ear Headband


There is nothing better than having a cute pair of mouse ears to complement your outfit when visiting the Disney theme parks. I love choosing which characters to Disneybound, and planning my clothes around cute Disney accessories, one being the iconic Mickey Mouse Ear Hats. In recent years, Disney has made some super adorable headband-style ears– a modern take on the classic ear hat. But, I have a big head (literally, not metaphorically). So those adorable mouse ear headbands? They squeeze my head all day. So my solution was to create my own, with a fabric I love and a headband that doesn’t give me a raging headache. Thanks to this video from Sierra Schultzzie for the inspiration for this project.

This DIY is perfect if you craft or sew frequently, because you can use fabric scraps from your past projects. I used leftover scraps from a skirt that I made with fabric from Rifle Paper Co, which you can find here. I also recommend looking through the remnant section at your local fabric store. Remnants are perfect for this project because you don’t need much fabric, and because remnants are the end of the bolt, the price is discounted. Another great option is buying “fat quarters,” which are pre-cut squares of fabric.

Estimated time: 1.5 hours

Estimated cost: about $15

Mickey Ear DIY7

You will need:

  • Fabric for the ears
  • Fabric for the bow
  • Craft Foam (one full sheet or two smaller sheets)
  • Batting
  • Headband
  • Velvet ribbon (less than 1/2 in. wide)
  • Ear template (I used this one)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors or rotary cutter

Step 1

Mickey Ear DIY13

Trace out four of the “foam and batting” template onto your craft foam. Cut the ears out of the foam and use hot glue to stick them together. You should have two foam ear shapes that are each two layers thick.

 Step 2

Mickey Ear DIY16

Next, trace out four of the template labeled for the “ear cutting line” on your fabric. After tracing the shapes, cut them out of your fabric. You can either use scissors or a rotary cutter, whichever you have handy.

 Step 3

Mickey Ear DIY17

Take two of your fabric ear pieces and pin them right sides together (in other words, pin it so the back sides of the fabric are facing out). On one side of the fabric, trace the “ear sewing line” template so you will know where you need to sew.

Step 4

Mickey Ear DIY20

Now you’re ready to start sewing! IMPORTANT: Do not sew the bottom together! Only sew the rounded part of the ears together, not the bottom. This is because you will need to insert the foam and batting later. Once you sew both ears, flip them inside out.

Step 5

Mickey Ear DIY25

Insert the foam into the fabric ears. You may have to do some folding to get them in there, but just move them around until they are flat. Next, stuff some batting on both sides of the foam. This will make the ears look a bit more plush, like the ones at the parks. After you have stuffed your ears, you need to close up the bottom. Fold the raw fabric edges in so they won’t be seen, and either sew up the pouch or hot glue it closed, whichever you prefer.

 Step 6

Mickey Ear DIY28

Now that our ears are finished, we need to focus on the headband. Take your headband and hot glue the fabric to it. Once the entire headband is covered, glue the velvet ribbon on the inside. The ribbon does double duty: it not only covers the raw edges, but the velvet helps the headband stay on your head!

Step 7

The last thing you need to make is a bow to go in the middle of your ears. The same video that inspired me to do this project also has great instructions on how to make your own bow. You can watch that here. Basically, you sew two rectangles together, flip them inside out, and then pinch in the middle with another piece of fabric.

Step 8

Mickey Ear DIY31

Finally, to attach all of the parts. I recommend mapping out and marking where you plan to attach each of your ears so they aren’t lopsided. After marking that, you can either hot glue or hand-sew your ears onto the headband. Then hot glue or hand-sew the bow between your ears.


Now you have a perfectly customized pair of your own mouse ears! With just some scraps of fabric and a few extra bits, you can create a unique pair for every day of your Disney vacation. Better yet, hopefully they won’t give you a headache while you’re enjoying your day at Disney.

Have you made your own mouse ears? Share a picture in the comments, and let me know if this tutorial helped you. Happy crafting!

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