Reflections and Resolutions

There is just something about New Years. Standing in front of the television watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, the entire room chanting as we count down from ten. Ringing in 2017 is magical. But just as New Year’s is exciting, it is also a good time to reflect on the past year.

2016 was a year of firsts for me. One of the most exciting moments happened in March, when my entire family went on our first cruise. What was even better was that our first cruise was a Disney Cruise. Our time aboard the Disney Dream was unforgettable. The only negative point? It just wasn’t long enough. Next time I will need way more than three days on the high seas.


Our photo taken at the Bahamas. The Disney Dream photo bombed our picture!

I also spent the entirety of 2016 working with a charity that I love. I was lucky enough to intern with my local Ronald McDonald House from January to December. It was such a hands-on learning experience. Not only did I get to work all of their fundraising events, but I also was given the freedom to create new projects of my own. One of my favorite moments was at the end of my internship, when I was told that a grant I wrote for them was fully funded. What better way to end an internship than hearing that something I wrote got the charity $10,000?


Me, pulling a 747 jet at one of Ronald McDonald House’s fundraising events.

The last and possibly most exciting event of 2016… I graduated! After a ton of hard work, long days, and countless essays and assignments, I finally walked across the stage and received my Masters of Communication Studies! Even though I graduated from Marshall University, I decorated my cap as a nod to Monsters University. They’re both an MU, right?


My graduation cap- a nod to Marshall and Disney.


As 2016 rolls into 2017, I can’t help but create a few resolutions for myself.

Start my career. After graduating, it only seems natural that I should begin my career in 2017. I know that I want to work in communications, hopefully with Disney. I look forward to getting back to the company I love, doing a job that I love.

Begin blogging. Last year one of my resolutions was to write more. I’ve decided that in 2017, a more creative way to do this is through blogging. My goal is to post a minimum of two blog posts per month, but hopefully more.

Learn to take a decent photo. Specifically, learn how to take a photo using manual settings. Taking photos is something I have grown to enjoy, and I would like to think that I’m getting better at it. But I need to learn to stray from the automatic settings.

Read more books. Let’s face the facts; I have been in a reading slump. I’d like to blame this on the time-consuming nature of grad school. But now that I am finished with school, books need to make their way into my hands more often.

Take more chances. Like most humans, I enjoy being comfortable. There is nothing wrong with comfort. However, in 2017, I want to push myself to take more chances in life. Whether that means traveling to somewhere new or moving out of West Virginia, I want to take more chances, even when it seems intimidating.

Seeing that blogging is one of my resolutions, I imagine that I will update you on my progress here. Happy New Year!

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